Weaving Spiritual Themes into Sequencing

Weaving Spiritual Themes into Sequencing

  • Our own spiritual journey can guide us to opening the hearts of our students. In this two-part workshop for teachers, we will first consider reasons for sequencing, study the influence of the chakras and physical anatomy on sequencing, and practice planning various sequencing techniques.

Part one will enhance your confidence in leading safe and nurturing classes from both an energetic and physical perspective. When the physical and energetic are tended, the gates open to connection with higher thinking.

Part two will bring spiritual knowledge and inspiration into the sequencing. Our own experiences, creativity, and intuition will assist in this development; and we will also learn how and when to incorporate things like language, music, mantras, stories, mudras, pranayama, and postures that enhance the spiritual theme.

The weaving of these spiritual tools throughout your teaching, rather than just a mention of a spiritual topic at the beginning and end of the class, will enrich your classes and deepen your students’ experiences, thereby facilitating the great healing that our world needs.


This workshop is offered as part of the White Lotus Home Advanced Teacher Training

  • Date/Time: Part 1: 2/22/20 Time TBD, Part 2: 5/16/20 Time TBD
  • Location: Grailville Oratory Directions: 931 O'Bannonville Rd, Loveland, OH 45140

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