The Art of Flow: Yoga Sequencing

Enrich your practice or teaching by incorporating intelligent asana sequencing. Learn how to consciously arrange postures for an asana class based on different considerations such as creating an energizing or relaxing sequence, building to accommodate a peak pose, balancing the physical body, tuning the energetic body (chakras), and more. Learn how to prep for more challenging poses and accommodate for mixed levels of experience in a class. Be inspired by a variety of ways to build a fresh, safe, and effective sequence based on posture categories, such as standing, seated, forward bends, backbends, twists, and inversions. This workshop is open to yogis interested in developing sequences for the personal practice as well as yoga teachers that strive to create optimal sequencing for their classes.


LIVE Yoga Online

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Intro to Subtle Anatomy

Begin your journey into the much more subtly experienced human anatomy. The anatomy of energy as it relates to the human body has been mapped out and passed down from ancient yogis for centuries. We will not only study this knowledge, but work to sense these energy systems working within us through specific breathing exercises, meditations, and even physical postures. What are the nadis (Ida, Pingala & Shushumna)? What is prana/chi? What is kundalini? What are the five koshas or bodies? What are the five vayus or pranas? What are the seven chakras? Discover these answers and begin to notice deeper levels of consciousness within you.

Private Yoga Sessions

Get one-on-one yoga instruction specific to your needs. A private session could be for someone looking to gain some confidence before stepping into a yoga class, or it could be for someone looking to learn more about how to better honor their own body and learn which poses, breathing or relaxation techniques work best for their body, spirit, and mind. Private sessions may also include Reiki if desired.


Weaving Spiritual Themes into Sequencing

  • Our own spiritual journey can guide us to opening the hearts of our students. In this two-part workshop for teachers, we will first consider reasons for sequencing, study the influence of the chakras and physical anatomy on sequencing, and practice planning various sequencing techniques.

Part one will enhance your confidence in leading safe and nurturing classes from both an energetic and physical perspective. When the physical and energetic are tended, the gates open to connection with higher thinking.

Part two will bring spiritual knowledge and inspiration into the sequencing. Our own experiences, creativity, and intuition will assist in this development; and we will also learn how and when to incorporate things like language, music, mantras, stories, mudras, pranayama, and postures that enhance the spiritual theme.

The weaving of these spiritual tools throughout your teaching, rather than just a mention of a spiritual topic at the beginning and end of the class, will enrich your classes and deepen your students’ experiences, thereby facilitating the great healing that our world needs.


This workshop is offered as part of the White Lotus Home Advanced Teacher Training

Partner Yoga

We all need love and connection. Partner yoga is one way to experience both. It may also be an expression of beauty, a way to assist one another in a posture, or an opportunity to soar high. Using mild pressure, body weight, skillful touch, communication, and compassion we enhance each form we take while at the same time creating mutually beneficial relationships through working together. Partner yoga may greatly enhance one’s asana (posture) practice; taking one into and going deeper into postures that challenge us. No matter who we are practicing with, partner yoga will assist with developing more trust, sensitivity, empathy, and understanding of one another. It’s also a time for laughing, fun and getting to know each other. NOTE: No partner required.

Yoga Anatomy

Learn about anatomy and how it influences your yoga practice.

June 14 – Extremities; Feet & Ankles, Hands & Wrists

June 28 – Core and Neck/Shoulders

July 5 – Hips and Lumbar Spine

Intro to Sanskrit

I love sharing what I’ve learned about Sanskrit. Learning about the sound vibrations of letters and the meanings of root sounds will help you to understand Sanskrit words you’ve said or heard many times in a new and deeper way. In this intro workshop, we will learn to write, pronounce, and read the letters of the Sanskrit alphabet, and then begin to put them together to create simple words. Choose a mantra and sutra to practice writing and pronouncing. Whether you’ve never studied Sanskrit before, or if you have and you would like a refresher and reminder of the divine energy within Sanskrit, you are invited to come.


Bhagavad Gita and You

Again we will look into the story of the Bhagavad Gita, exploring the messages and symbolism in the story to the better understand how the way we think and act in our own lives can impact our experiences.

Beyond the Chakras: The Relationship Between the Physical and Energetic

Have you ever wondered about the relationship between how your physical body functions and your thoughts, feelings, or other more subtle energies? Go deeper in this fun, interactive workshop, exploring the fascinating link between the nervous system, the glands of the endocrine system, and the main energy centers or chakras. Actively blend this emerging knowledge of physical anatomy with knowledge of subtle anatomy such as the koshas (layers of the self) and the chakras to begin to understand how energy can influence aspects of physical health, and how the physical can influence the energetic.