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Videos, articles, class themes, and life experiences that are dedicated to peering in on the many ways of coming closer to a state of Yoga, or connection.

Aw man, dat is good!

I must have done something right! After helping me make her brother’s birthday cupcakes, my 4 year old daughter enjoyed licking the batter off the spoon. Then, she proclaimed, “I definitewy need some-ting heawfy.” I said, ”...... Read More

Boundless Love

When I asked my 7 year old son who he displayed this note on the window for (“I want to mrey you”), he shared that it was so anyone walking by would want to marry him. He is a lover of all.  January 2017:  Children show us that...... Read More

A few words from my daughter’s mouth (age 4) to my lucky ears today: “You’re so cozy. I can’t even bewieve I have you.” And, “Did you even know dat you would have a baby dat would wuv you dis much?” ... Read More