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Videos, articles, class themes, and life experiences that are dedicated to peering in on the many ways of coming closer to a state of Yoga, or connection.

My Yoga Story

How did you get into yoga?In 1995, before I got my first teaching job, I worked as an aide in a fun private school where my job was to play with the kids and help them with their work. One of the moms I got to know was a yoga teacher who invited me...... Read More

Sthira Sukham Asanam

Ok let’s break down what this bit of Sanskrit means. Sthira is steadiness, being stable. Sukham refers to sweetness – think sucrose. 🙂  And then asanam refers to a seat or position. So, sthira sukham asanam, which is the only line...... Read More

Nadi Shodhana with Breath Retention

Once the basic alternate nostril breathing feels comfortable, try adding breath retention and incorporating a 1:4:2 ratio to increase the benefits of this practice. ​ ... Read More

Shift in Thinking

I think most of us, regardless of who we voted for in the election, have experienced a strong sense of knowing what we don’t want in the last 6 months or so. What if we all began to shift our thoughts to what we DO want? In that light, I wonder...... Read More

Beginner Nadi Shodhana (Video)

Nadi shodhana is a breathing exercise intended to help bring balance and lift energy. It may be a helpful technique to try if you’re feeling depressed, having anxiety, or want to shift your energy to a more peaceful frequency. It’s...... Read More

The Gunas in Acro Yoga

I find an incredible sense of freedom and wonder in acro yoga. Working closely in careful partnership builds a tremendous sense of trust and allows for a unique expression of creative movement. I am ever grateful to my acro teachers and partners...... Read More

Emmett’s Yoga

Lately I’ve been enjoying creating a yoga practice for my 12 year old son with special needs. He has cerebral palsy that severely affects all of his limbs, his spine, his communication, his eating, and much more. After I change his diaper, I...... Read More

“Yatra” Performance at TEDx Cincinnati (Video)

This piece was created by Kate Nordyke, Christopher Cox, Allison Kemphaus, and me. It is a depiction of the challenges we face and the support we receive, and also give, in the process of tuning to the truest version of our Self. ... Read More


Driving home, I noticed my daughter staring out the window in my rear view mirror. I wondered what she might be thinking, and then she said to me, “I just figgered something out, Mom.” “What’s that?” “Everyone is...... Read More

Heawfy Daughter

My 4 year old daughter did it again!! “Mom, you wet me have some cookie dough, so now can I have a cawwot – somefing heawfy?” Makes me feel better about this helpful grocery list that my 7 year old wrote up for me. I love the...... Read More