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Feeling emotionally exausted? This full yoga class is intended to help recharge and refresh.

Just stretches! This gentle vinyasa class, crafted to address lower back tension, is designed for those times when you just really need to create ease for yourself. 

This all levels vinyasa class with some challenging options incorporates familiar postures into a few different flows, reminding us to be gracious and continue to “go with the flow,” even when we sometimes feel resistance to change. It also asks...

All levels full vinyasa yoga class that builds the strength (core, upper body), flexibility (hamstrings, lats), and awareness needed for variations of supported headstand, a pose which stimulates the energy of interconnectedness. In a time of...

Full all levels class to bring the mind into practicing concentration. Consider what it is that you would like to bring into the forefront of your mind and your experience. This practice is intended to help us focus on what our intentions are.

Full class that focuses on the neck and shoulders, with emphasis on the spacious and truth-telling qualities of the throat chakra. This pandemic time period has created an alternate experience for most of us, changing our routines significantly. The...

This all-levels heart opening vinyasa, is structured around around the ideas of compassion and self love  for those of us who are struggling.

Many people are experienced more fear and anxiety and anger than usual during the COVID-19 pandemic. This core and twist focused vinyasa practice honors those feelings, but assists in taking a break from them while noticing subtle shifts from fear...

When so much is up in the air, plans have changed, and you feel de-stabilized, it may help to find stability in your own body. Join Yogi Dara to feel rooted again.

Many different kinds of emotions may be experienced as we traverse these turbulent times. You may feel despair, anger, fear, loneliness, or hope. This practice honors our emotions, seeing them as a layer of our being human, that need to flow,...

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